our values

At flow-r we share a common value portfolio. Values and human chemistry are the priorities when selecting new colleagues.


For four years now, we have been striving to find ways of how to combine the moving power of a larger company with the freedom and engagement of individuals. flow-r is our solution.


We build a brand for each of our consultants; we are not afraid that they will go to our competitors or customers. We create and offer an environment that is beneficial for all those involved in the long term.

professionalism and excellence

We concentrate people for whom recruitment is fun, fulfilling, who can enjoy it, and who do it in the best way they can. Together we discover new ways, methods, and techniques. We find inspiration inside the company as well as out there.

friendship and community

Every one of us could make a great living as a freelance recruiter. However, the risks of a one-man business are solitude, and the impossibility to share one’s risks, worries, and joys with people who deal with the same things.


Cooperation is the key factor for the success of flow-r; collaboration between all of our members, as well as with clients, candidates, and with contractors. We greatly value the fact that together we can do more than each of us separately.

We perceive recruitment as a demanding and beautiful craft full of challenges, joys, and troubles. In our environment, the good reputation of this craft has not yet had time to spread. We are working on giving good recruiters the same prestige as good physicians or lawyers have.