Jitka Zimolková

executive recruiter

What am I devoted to and what do I do?

For clients from South Moravian companies, I search for suitable colleagues for their teams, mainly through direct search.

For candidates, I try to find such a company that they will identify with, cooperate long-term and participate in its long term success.

Which fields do I cover?

Because I love diversity, I like to deal with and fill positions in business, production, or logistics. I am very happy to co-operate by filling IT department positions and sometimes I diversify my work and fill positions in administration or marketing.

Why am I working with flow-r?

In flow-r, I have found a group of like-minded colleagues, whose main goal and motivation is to do honest recruiter work. The second, no less important aspect of why I am with flow-r, is the values of the company and of the individual colleagues. These are similar to my own and very important to me.

And what are these values?

Trust - I try to build a relationship based on mutual trust with everyone I come into contact with and with whom I work. Where there is trust, there is room to cope with anything.

Personal approach - since I love meeting people and communicating with them, it is up to me to learn as much as possible about the person. What do they like doing, what do they enjoy, what motivates them, their ideas about ideal work, etc. Just as one tries to find the right candidate (not just ideal but right), so one also tries to find the right company for every candidate. It is the only way everything can work out.

Professionalism – this relates to my efforts to do my job as well and as honestly as possible, to the best of my knowledge and belief, when one is happy to do what he or she believes in. I always try to understand all the parties involved and to find the best match and harmony between a company and a candidate.

Friendship - I need to have a background and a company of people I love to be with even in my spare time.

Respect - I approach each encounter with respect for both sides.

Something from my CV?

After high school I graduated from business academy and a then from university specializing in international relations and diplomacy. I have been in the field of internal human resources since the beginning of my professional career. It is an area that has always brought me a lot of joy and has greatly enriched me personally in the sense that I have been able to meet a lot of inspirational people during the selection process when EVERYONE of these people had something interesting about them.

Since I am a very communicative person, I especially loved the part of my job, which let me select and meet with people as well as having contacts in a large number of external HR and recruitment agencies which has also given me the opportunity to learn how they work. I am now very happy to be able to take the best from these collaborations and, with the experience of an internal recruiter's point of view, use them fully in flow-r.

What do I do besides work?

What do I like doing in my free time? I love my family, my dog, my friends, walks and trips, a bit of sport like bicycling and dancing, and last but not least, my newest hobby, photography.

And in conclusion?

If at this moment you do not need to find new colleagues for your teams, or if you are not looking for a job right now, let's still meet and go for some great coffee and talk. The labour market is changing every day and luck favours the ready.

I look forward to meeting you and having the opportunity to become your equal partner and to convince you that our cooperation will be successful.