recruitment 2.0 by flow-r

flow-r is a 2.0 recruiting company, a community of enthusiasts, made up of experienced hunters, custom recruits, well-known people, innovators, headhunters, pros, madmen and crazy people who love their work




Our mission, and indeed our wish, is not only to fill the given position, but to fill it well and successfully, with the best possible person on the market, and to feel great about the cooperation, about catching the right fish and hitting the target.

We do not look for positions that a firm can fill on its own, but only when their sources are not enough. We do not duplicate resources. We do not speculate. We do not just try, we do.

Each of us, the custom recruiters here in flow-r, are usually actively working on 2-4 positions, devoting all their time and resources, commitment, dedication, talent and know-how to them.

To fill one position usually takes from 1 to 4 months, so we choose positions not only depending on the amount of the reward, but according to how we can set communication, and above all, how far the firm will let us go to their internal colleagues and information, how much trust they give us, how seriously they take it.

We do not fish in the waters of our partners, that is taboo for us as a source company, we respect the ethics of business and decency and therefore we carefully choose where we close a door, sometimes a gate for ourselves. :-)

We work via direct addressing, we use all possible and impossible resources to find talented people, unconventional ideas and long-term experiences.

No service – no fee.

Our services cost you no more than the generally used system on the market: no placement / no fee ...
... they do not cost more, but they are not free either (how good can a service be that is free?)

The transparency of the agreement to fund a joint project is of great consequence to us.

How does it usually work?

At the beginning of the work we will issue an invoice for one third of the expected reward.

After the introduction of the candidates or upon their boarding or after the probationary period we will invoice for the second and third thirds of the reward.

It is equally important to set up clear communication, timing and the principles of cooperation so that we can both enjoy it and feel good about it.

To which SLA's are we supposed to confirm?

You have our promise to:

flow - full engagement and commitment from the recruiter and the use of all their resources for the presentation of the candidates

headhunting - working through direct addressing in competing and other companies

monitoring - comparing your requirements to the market reality and giving you feedback

sourcing - we engage our know-how of web sourcing in the initial search

marketing - very good and targeted advertising to the companies we work for

reporting - we keep you informed about the course of activities on our side

delivery - within 4 weeks of requesting the position a minimum of 1 of the approached candidates will be introduced

consulting - in cases of interest, we guarantee the personal participation of the recruiter at any meeting

offer management - we personally present the offer to the candidate based on our know-how

after care - during the ZD of the candidate, we will arrange contact with the employee and then give you feedback on their satisfaction

off limits - no one at flow-r will deliberately contact any of your employees for the duration of the cooperation

networking – we will introduce you to our long-term and personally-built network of professionals who we look after in the requested industry

talent mapping - for the duration of our cooperation, we will actively draw your attention to talents that may be of interest to you beyond the current open position

rejection - we will ensure a serious and dignified rejection on the behalf of unsuccessful candidates

legality - all our work is done in accordance with valid legal provisions, we work with GDPR on personal data

loyalty & transparency - we always work on up to 5 positions and if we work with you, we do not work for your competitors. If our existing client is your competitor, we communicate openly that we do not hunt in this company.

presentation - information about the candidate enclosed with the CV contains exactly the information that would interest you in the first round of the selection process

And, of course, good communication, openness, sincerity, principles and also results.


What do we need from you for a successful cooperation?

common sense of a real partner, honesty and openness

direct flow-r recruiter communication with a hiring manager from your company

response to introduced candidates within 2 workdays

candidate having a meeting with the hiring manager within a week of the presentation at the interview

specific feedback after interviews directly from the hiring manager

the recruiter has the right to put forth the recommended candidate for the interview

the total length of the candidate in process up to 1 month

exclusivity for a defined time period for targeted approaching of top people from the market


What else is important?

The first hiring manager meeting with the candidate is a endorsement of the position, team and company. The active pursuit of hiring a manager is to engage and persuade the candidate. Once this is done, and the candidate has been convinced that you are the best possible choice on the market, then you can continue to test and validate their skills in subsequent rounds.

Our work makes sense and we enjoy it.


We are looking forward to working with you!