recruitment forum

In the long term we are trying to develop the recruiter craft not only in our company, but also to offer interesting know-how or the best practices to other professional recruiters. For more than two years, we have been organizing open events where we share our experience and our guests’ experience with visitors.

In 2015, we took on a larger format, founding and organizing the biggest EVOLVE! Summit recruitment conference in Central Europe.

However, this part is devoted mainly to regular, thematic meetings with people in the field. The format of our meetings is very free, with a relaxed, friendly and, above all, open atmosphere. There are recruiters from agencies, headhunters, HR directors, hiring managers and internal recruiters. Everyone is here in order to learn something new, to make interesting contacts, to share their experiences or to get advice on topics that are currently being addressed.

In order to support the sharing of know-how and inspiration among recruiters, we have also set up a "recruitment forum" on Facebook.

What themes are we going to cover?

RECRUITMENT of white collar workers for ŠKODA AUTO a.s. – achievements, best practices and deadline ends - (24. 4. 2018) - details here

Can ROBOTS really steal people's work? - Discussion on the current topic (The lecture has been postponed for sickness of the lecturer, we are looking for a back up term.) details here

What has already happened?

CANDIDATE MANAGEMENT in practice focusing on executive search (31 January 2018) details here

Active sourcing in practice: level 1 - a practical course on online and offline sourcing (23 November 2017 and 22 February 2018) details here

GDPR in Practice for Recruiters and HR BP / HR Managers (12. 10. 2017) details here

Active sourcing in practice: level 1 - a practical course on online and offline sourcing (23. 11. 2017) details here

Internal & external recruitment - how to get the best results together (9. 6. 2017) details here

Efficient Recruitment of TECHNICAL Candidates (21. 4. 2017) details here

Flow-r golf trophy 2017 (25. 4. 2017) details here

SOURCING in practice Hradec Králové (2. 3. 2017) details here

CANDIDATE MANAGEMENT in practice focusing on executive search (23. 2. 2017) details here

Even if you cannot find them, they are there, we just need to find them! Sourcing in practice for recruiters (1.12.2016) details here

TRENDS IN RECRUITMENT for the year 2016 (2. 2. 2016) details here

OFF LIMITS in recruitment, or where are the hunting boundaries? details here

OFFER MANAGEMENT in recruitment or how not to mess up in the end? details here

INNOVATION IN HR (human relations) or what's new in the field? details here

Where do we meet?

We have been cooperating with HUB Praha (web) for a long time, it is a great networking space for both large and small events, and is fine for our discussion forum format.

Feedback from participants?

Open communication and a pleasant atmosphere. My feedback is very positive, there was ample room for discussion and the sharing of experiences. Organization was excellent, time was well spent, ideal intensity. Impeccably organized, ideal topics given the limited time allowed. Great organization, great refreshments, I would have liked it if it had been longer, so there would have been more room for discussion and discussing the topics more in depth. My feedback is very positive, I think the cast was balanced and I heard interesting opinions. Excellent environment and a great team. The most interesting thing were the opinions from actual practice, the ideas and experiences of the other participants. It was interesting for me to hear about the experiences of other agencies and people in the industry as well as internal HR. It is always interesting to hear the different views from people from other agencies and from internal HR. The snacks were super, those brownies were brilliant :). Refreshments? That was the best! There is nothing to criticize - everything was as great as expected, thank you for the invitation. I'm looking forward to seeing you again. Thanks for the opportunity to participate and more energy. Companies such as flow-r are scarce. I wish you a lot of luck and success. Professional and friendly approach. I can recommend it! A nice encounter that brought interesting insights and a variety of tricks.