Lucie Vesela

executive search & direct search

I believe that every job role is fillable - the key to success is trust, understanding, partner cooperation and effective feedback. And I try to use all this for my customers.

I look forward to successful cooperation with you.

my projects

I have been working in recruitment and executive search since 2017. In that long time, I have filled dozens of projects across all segments. I mostly work on projects in the fields of production, R&D, automotive, IT, media and services.

I successfully fill managerial and narrowly focused senior professional roles for my clients, which require a precise approach. The way that works is detailed mapping of the entire market, both locally and internationally.

previous experience

I have been in recruitment for most of my professional life. I have met hundreds of clients and thousands of candidates of various experience and expertise. In recent years, I have also worked in a managerial role in an international environment. Thanks to these experiences, I can offer my customers and candidates an insight into their business, experience from similar projects in other companies, and often also recommendations for appropriate solutions to unusual situations.

All my life I have been learning to put the acquired information into context. If we combine this with thorough market research, we can head towards the next successful project together.

I know very well that in order to effectively cover your expectations, it is especially important to have a sufficient understanding of the needs of the industry, the company, the team, as well as the opportunities offered by the labor market.

inspiration for today's work

What I enjoy most about my work is the opportunity to find the best connections between successful professionals and great clients, thanks to which quality cooperation and positive development is created for all involved. I believe that people are the most valuable capital of companies and that is why I like to participate in increasing it.

projects success rate

current success rate  -- %

I started working at flow-r in the summer of 2023, so we cannot yet measure real success. In the last two years in the field, however, I have always stayed above 90% for a long time.

recently completed projects




time to fill

Head of service CZ robotics 8 weeks
Sales director CEE region automatization 8 weeks
CMO CEE region manufacturing 7 weeks
General manager CZ building industry 8 weeks
CSO CZ electronics 6 weeks
KAM EMEA region manufacturing 6 weeks

more about me

All my life I've been looking for answers to the question "why?". I'm inquisitive and I really enjoy hearing people's different life stories and experiences, which is probably why I find my work fulfilling.

I am interested in sociology, I like to go for walks in nature (often with my dog buddy) and at the same time I never say "no" to adrenaline experiences, cheese treats and travel.


I have been cooperating with recruiters flow-r executive search for many years and I thank them for a lot of excellent colleagues and interesting meetings. One of the things I appreciate is their effort to understand not only the position they are looking for, but also the profile of the candidate they are looking for from the perspective of the team they will join. After years of cooperation, it is easier, they know my expectations. I always get candidates to choose from who meet not only professional but also human requirements. Recently, they have also been looking for colleagues abroad for our branches and again successfully.
Karin Hrunková CFO ASSA Abloy East Europe
We worked with flow-r executive search on many projects and we were always very satisfied with the speed, systematic work, quality of the selection process and recommended candidates. Pavel and Zuzka are professionals with excellent knowledge of the market and the psychology of candidates, so their services and advice have great added value in the entire cooperation. I also appreciate their extraordinary flexibility and personal approach.
We have had experience with flow-r executive search for some time now. We primarily cooperate with Pavel Plachý. As a group of several companies, we need a service that the supplier is able to supply for various entities and their needs. Flow-r is doing well. Cooperation with them is always on a very professional level, I really appreciate their pro-active approach and openness. Paul maintains regular contact with us and knows what is happening with us. This makes starting each new order easy. Thanks for all.
Zuzana Formánková Executive Manager - Recruitment, skupina ČSOB
Pavel Plachý from flow-r executive search revived my original ideas and expectations of what a headhunter should look like and work with. Obviously I needed time and a little luck to finally meet Pavel to see what pure work "with people" looks like. Really formulate your strengths and weaknesses correctly, but most importantly see the added value in what you enjoy and fulfill. Personally, however, I was thrilled to see and be able to realize the needs of the company several months and years in advance, and accordingly he was able to identify a suitable candidate and skills that will be needed much later. It is unbelievable that even today, someone is able to put all this into a good personal story, regardless of the field in which you operate and whose main center is you - whether as a candidate or you as a client.
Oldřich Myslivec CFO Qminers
In the flow-r executive search, we found a reliable and long-term partner not only for the Czech market.
Tomáš Dvořák Sales Director JD Ddvorak / TESTSYSTEME
I would like to thank flow-r executive search and specifically headhunter Adam Červenka for their cooperation, which was very beneficial for us. Together we were able to fill a key position of a senior physician for one of our investment projects. The cooperation was at a very professional level. flow-r executive search will be our first choice for our next search for employees.
Roman Petr CEO RP Clinic, RP invest partner
I would describe my experience with flow-r executive search as a professional approach, fast and constructive negotiations and, of course, successful projects. I see flow-r as a long-term partner and I will be happy to cooperate in the future.
Adela Wiesnerova HR manager KION group

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