Pavel Plachý

executive search consultant & managing partner

I founded flow-r executive search in 2008 and my first ever project was to procure a production director for a traditional engineering company from Hradec Králové.

Since then, together with my colleagues, we have secured hundreds of great candidates for numerous companies in the fields of production, finance, banking, R&D, construction and IT, especially in the CEE region.

Most of my candidates and business partners appreciate not only my skills as a headhunter, but my vast range of "out of the box" experiences. These experiences, which were afforded by previous business projects and managerial careers in Czech and international companies, enable me to offer solutions that are not obvious at first glance but, at the same time, work well.

I look forward to a successful collaboration with you.

my projects

Since 2008 I have been finding candidates for TOP managerial and strategic positions for medium and large companies. My partners are Czech and international companies in the region of Central Europe.

My customers include manufacturing and automotive companies, the R&D sector, banks, FMCG and TELCO companies.

previous experience

business intelligence & controlling

I started my career as a Project Manager / KAM in the field of corporate finance, controlling and business intelligence. It was an incredible experience to help large companies and their management discover useful data and create predictive models used for medium and long-term decision-making.

TOP management & international operations

My other experience was from the international corporate environment. I started as a manager of one branch, then I was entrusted with several other branches in the Czech Republic and offices in Slovakia. I was also involved in launching a new business in Scotland with offices in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

inspiration for today's work

At the time I was leaving the above company, I was in charge of business with more than 700 employees in three countries. I still draw on this managerial experience in an international environment when meeting with candidates, clients  and consulting on projects.

success rate

current success rate 98%

Since 2008, the success of my projects has been above 90%. From 2018 to the present, I have successfully completed as much as 98 % of projects.

recently completed projects



type of business

time to fill

CFO CEE region engineering 6 weeks
CEO CZ  automotive  8 weeks
HR manager CEE region engineering 7 weeks
marketing director CEE region FMCG 7 weeks
R&D director CZ telco 8 weeks
CEO CEE region sales 7 weeks
CFO CZ automotive 6 weeks
CTO CEE region engineering 6 weeks

about me

I enjoy diversity of life and business. I enjoy connecting knowledge and experience from different fields and interests. I like the meditation and concentration neeed to play a good game of golf. 

I am in awe of the beauty of the sea below and above the surface. I love the wind in the sails, the beauty of the nature, interesting food and good wine. I also like to meet interesting people.


I have been cooperating with recruiters flow-r executive search for many years and I thank them for a lot of excellent colleagues and interesting meetings. One of the things I appreciate is their effort to understand not only the position they are looking for, but also the profile of the candidate they are looking for from the perspective of the team they will join. After years of cooperation, it is easier, they know my expectations. I always get candidates to choose from who meet not only professional but also human requirements. Recently, they have also been looking for colleagues abroad for our branches and again successfully.
Karin Hrunková CFO ASSA Abloy East Europe
We worked with flow-r executive search on many projects and we were always very satisfied with the speed, systematic work, quality of the selection process and recommended candidates. Pavel and Zuzka are professionals with excellent knowledge of the market and the psychology of candidates, so their services and advice have great added value in the entire cooperation. I also appreciate their extraordinary flexibility and personal approach.
We have had experience with flow-r executive search for some time now. We primarily cooperate with Pavel Plachý. As a group of several companies, we need a service that the supplier is able to supply for various entities and their needs. Flow-r is doing well. Cooperation with them is always on a very professional level, I really appreciate their pro-active approach and openness. Paul maintains regular contact with us and knows what is happening with us. This makes starting each new order easy. Thanks for all.
Zuzana Formánková Executive Manager - Recruitment, skupina ČSOB
Pavel Plachý from flow-r executive search revived my original ideas and expectations of what a headhunter should look like and work with. Obviously I needed time and a little luck to finally meet Pavel to see what pure work "with people" looks like. Really formulate your strengths and weaknesses correctly, but most importantly see the added value in what you enjoy and fulfill. Personally, however, I was thrilled to see and be able to realize the needs of the company several months and years in advance, and accordingly he was able to identify a suitable candidate and skills that will be needed much later. It is unbelievable that even today, someone is able to put all this into a good personal story, regardless of the field in which you operate and whose main center is you - whether as a candidate or you as a client.
Oldřich Myslivec CFO Qminers
In the flow-r executive search, we found a reliable and long-term partner not only for the Czech market.
Tomáš Dvořák Sales Director JD Ddvorak / TESTSYSTEME
I would like to thank flow-r executive search and specifically headhunter Adam Červenka for their cooperation, which was very beneficial for us. Together we were able to fill a key position of a senior physician for one of our investment projects. The cooperation was at a very professional level. flow-r executive search will be our first choice for our next search for employees.
Roman Petr CEO RP Clinic, RP invest partner
I would describe my experience with flow-r executive search as a professional approach, fast and constructive negotiations and, of course, successful projects. I see flow-r as a long-term partner and I will be happy to cooperate in the future.
Adela Wiesnerova HR manager KION group

my blog

senior recruiter / headhunter

senior recruiter / headhunter

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executive search by flow-r

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